Your new house is your dream, not someone else’s

Advantages Design Flexibility
Inside Out

Whilst the vast majority of prefabricated building manufacturers only offer a limited range of designs in a brochure to choose from . . . . We offer flexibility.

Although rarely requested, we do have a small range of basic designs for across-the-world applications, (the Global Collection) but we do not restrict you or limit you to this.    Or even suggest you start from it.

Your new house is your dream, not someone else’s.


(From experience, and without exception, everyone still wants something changed . . . then something else, and so it goes on.  Meaning an architect is still required.    So far better to forget brochures, and start from a clean page.)

 It’s time to fulfil your dream.   Let your imagination run free!


Our 2D steel-frame modular section panellised manufacture & construction, manufactured homes and prefabricated buildings are not limited to pre-designed or pre-sized modules*. – There are no design, or indeed dimensions restrictions.

(Although modern and contemporary designs are by far the most in demand, our prefabricated buildings are not restricted to this.)


The vast majority of what we currently manufacture are advanced-stage, prefabricated, bespoke (made to order) houses, hotels and buildings, all to the individual client’s personal requirements, specifications and design. – And of course location.

We will therefore manufacture to your design, not ours.

* (Note: Unlike 2D, 3D Fully Modular homes are generally based on  –  although not limited to  –  multiples of ISO dimensions for your maximum economy.)

This does NOT apply to ‘Connoisseur’ Volumetric Homes and buildings 


SAVE UP TO 40% over traditional building methods

A cost saving of up to 40% over traditional building methods is not uncommon, and that is with our assured quality and quoted specifications. Comparative costs around the world understandably vary with local economies.


Although from a purely financial aspect, we have yet to find any location where equivalent ‘like for like’ quality and specifications are more economic. That like-for-like factor being critically important.

It’s all too easy to be quoted an m2 rate for a turnkey house, without really being aware of the standards, quality and specifications that will be achieved, or indeed exactly quite how much is included / provided.


So our potential cost savings meaning you have the option to save money on your original design and constructed sizes.  . . . . Or build bigger for the same cost. (Lower overall materials and labour / time of course also means lower interest payments. –  E.g. When borrowing / funding is required.)


SAVE UP TO 80% over traditional building methods

From finalised plans (and our approved guide quotation and signed contract) through structural drawings, to commencing manufacture and ready for first shipment?  For virtually all projects this is on average a period of 6 weeks. 

To completion on site would understandably vary project to project.  

(But when it is a possibility for all ground floor wall elements to be erected in as little as a week, rest assured, it won’t be a long process!)

 In any event, far quicker than a similar concept project constructed in the ‘traditional way’. I.e. bricks, blocks and concrete.  For many, just the shortened wait to the completion of their new home is a huge bonus.

For those where funding is involved, any interest payment period is greatly reduced. And for others that are seeking a return on investment, (ROI) then the opportunities for this can be achieved far more quickly.


Be it through off-plan sales, turnkey sales, or rental returns.  Speed also alleviates the opportunity for those seemingly unavoidable / unexplainable ‘hidden extras’, that frequently seem to be added over the many months (and years!) with traditional buildings methods.


high-specification buildings supplied to be zone compliant

Advantages Global Suitability

Our high-specification prefabricated panellised and modular buildings can be supplied to be seismic (earthquake) and cyclone/wind (e.g. hurricane) zone compliant, and with appropriate rain and snow-loading capabilities.

The assembly elements of our RAMS manufactured homes and buildings are made of High-strength corrosion resistant steel, with the walls, floors, roof and all construction elements being fully accredited. (EN1090-1:2009 + A1:2001, plus TEK10 Norway, EU, US and AUS regulation certified etc.)

All insulated in excess of all current building regulations and requirements for both thermal and acoustic performance.

Our wall panels contain no voids, and within each rigid LGS steel-frame section are various materials, combinations and specifications / density / compression of globally recognised and certified brands. These elements including insulation materials, (Foamed-cement, Rockwool, EPS, XPS, Fibreglass, etc) air and moisture barriers, MGO and Fibre Cement Boards etc. as aplicable, all combining to produce incredibly strong, energy efficient structures, with no cold bridges or damp transfer zones.


based on an advanced integrated technology technique


Our hot dip galvanised high quality steel-frame structures (SGH440 – yield strength ≥ 335MPa)  have exceptional life expectancy, steel corrosion resistance (Galvanised Z275) and durability.

Technium Space steel-frame structures (EN 1090-1:2009) are based on an advanced integrated technology technique, providing a quick and economical solution for both small and large buildings, of all concepts, designs and uses. From residential to commercial.

The basis for the system is a variety of high-tensile, cold-formed ‘C’ section and Box section LGS (Light Gauge Steel) manufactured elements and profiles that have been fully developed, tested and approved. When combined, they can create a wide spectrum of building shapes and can be adapted to suit any plans, designs or end-user requirements.

The substantial high performance external wall panels are made and rapidly assembled using an advanced integrated technology jointing system producing a structure that can face whatever time, weather and nature can produce. They are available in a varied selection of insulation types, formats and load strength qualities and capabilities.

For larger, multi level, and commercial projects, where HGS (Heavy Gauge Steel) structural framing is incorporated, this would typically be of Grade: GB- Q235, yield strength ≥ 235 MPa, including factory welding and sandblast (Sa2.5), painted with Epoxy Zinc Rich paint.

Size no longer matters!   

It should be noted that for such high specifications, they no longer rely on overall size.  

Accordingly, reduced thickness external walls, (from as little as 96mm) can frequently achieve all the same characteristics and parameters as their previously larger counterparts, but saving on internal floor space.  

–  A bonus when working to a restricted maximum m2 constructed size.


Energy efficiency and comfort are key priorities

Advantages Efficiency & Security

Energy efficiency and comfort are key priorities in all Technium Space homes and buildings.

Structurally designed and formed to remain internally warm and comfortable in winter, and similarly comfortably and consistently cool in summer, whatever and wherever the location.   The correct thermal insulation is as important in hot climates, as it is in cold.


Ensuring non of the benefits of this high specification technology in our structures is wasted, the inclusion of our high quality thermal-break double glazed (or optional triple glazed) windows and doors all combine to ensure your comfort and energy efficiency is maintained.

Fire-resistant qualities and capabilities of all structural materials used, are vitally important. (Although frequently either over-looked or taken for granted by many.)


Benefit from nature, AND protect the environment

Looking after our world is important to us.

A vast percentage of our materials are recyclable, the amount of water used in any construction is exceptionally minimal, and the very small quantity of waste materials and on-site debris, all contributes to that protective policy.

The structural technology employed throughout all of our buildings, plays a vitally important part in both their eco functionality, and energy efficiency.

But you may wish to include a few extra’s.

Although not specifically a part of steel-frame prefabricated construction, or need to be supplied by ourselves, these extras include such as solar powered under-floor heating systems, photovoltaic energy cells, geo-thermal heating and cooling, triple glazing or rain-water harvesting, (to name but a few) to add to your sustainable energy efficiency.


A standard ‘slab’ foundation is all that is normally required

Advantages Foundations

Never more than for a ‘traditional’ form of brick and block construction, but sometimes less. So some potential savings. (Our structures only weigh approximately 25% of that of their traditional ‘brick, block and concrete’ construction counterparts.)

The foundation frequently comprising for example of a 200mm reinforced concrete slab.

All being subject to the project design, sub-level conditions in the geotechnic survey report, annual sub-level thermal changes etc.

‘Excavation-free’ ‘Surefoot’ foundation systems – can also be used.

Very fast to install, and requiring absolutely NO excavation or slab. (‘Surefoot’ is not part of Technium Space. –  Information available on request.)

In the case of 2D Prefabricated modular buildings this type of foundation requires the addition of a steel-frame floor.

For 3D Fully Modular (PPVC), a steel-frame floor is a standard and integral part of the concept.

Benefits of ‘Surefoot’ being that it can be applied on all terrain and conditions, extremely quickly. It is also ideal where what could be classed as a ‘permanent’ structure’ (i.e. requiring a concrete slab and / or a fully prefabricated building) is not permitted.

Worth noting:   3D Fully Modular constructions are in some locations also considered as non-permanent structures.  (I.e. moveable  –  subject to size of course.)

In these instances, this again overcoming this planning regulation  / obstruction.200


The construction and assembly is simple, fast and safe

Advantages Assembly and Construction

Simplicity is the key.  In either of our 2D formats, the construction is simple, fast and safe.

The advanced stage of off-site prefabrication allows for an easily followed and understood process for rapid assembly and construction of all external, internal walls and partition walls.

For ease of assembly and construction, all elements are numbered to a corresponding plan.

(Think ‘flat-pack furniture’ but on a grand scale.)

Construction to a sealed and secure stage, (can be from as little as just days, and even with larger projects, not uncommonly in just a few weeks) is with a locally supplied team.

(In the case of our foamed-core format, assembly really can be undertaken by non-skilled workers, frequently without additional plant and machinery, with the construction of an entire house achieved in terms of days.)

Internal finishing and completion is also easily completed by the locally appointed team, and requiring no engineering or outside guidance.

As a direct result of the advanced level of completion and quality control at our manufacturing plant, less specialised labour is required during the entire construction and installation process.   Once again reducing labour costs.

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