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No-one wants to be the same

And why should you be, when there is opportunity for your prefabricated or modular house to be totally unique and individual?

This freedom applying to both developers and private clients alike. Many start the process of planning a new house or development, with some already very fixed ideas and concepts in their mind.

For others?

Maybe a few thoughts of the main rooms they want, and quite possibly ‘traditional’ or ‘modern’ for example. But frequently nothing much else. Requiring some guidance and suggestions, but confident that . . . “They’ll know it when they see it”!

Possibly they will have seen it in a brochure or magazine, maybe on the internet for download . . . .  although even then it almost certainly leads to “I wish it had . . . . “,  and changes being requested.

Our Inspiration Gallery isn’t there for any one house to be ‘copied’ or selected.   (They are all personal and Copyright designs anyway.)

So don’t be concerned if there isn’t one you specifically want or like. If any provide an outline idea or particular design feature that appeals to you, to then let your architect start to do his (or her) work with some definitive concept ideas, then so much the better.  

(Maybe some styles will help to define and explain what you do not want as well!)

They are all varying concepts and designs to simply ‘Fire Your Imagination’.

From an entire style concept, to just one small feature.  

Maybe a double-height living area with a flying bridge?

An enclosed inner ‘courtyard’ possibly, or a large feature covered terrace.   A floor to eaves glazed entrance . . . .

The use of contrasting materials. . . . This is where your journey becomes exciting!


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