Prefabricated Building - Step 1 - choose your perfect plot


When selecting, always remember to consider such points as ease of access, (for trucks, not just you) proximity of local services, and sloping sites.  The latter may provide some views, but will almost certainly increase your groundworks costs considerably. 

But once the plot has been found and confirmed, start by putting together some simple outline floor plans of what you require.

‘Key points’ of your project will be known to you already, but now knowing the views and aspect, permitted build size etc, the fun begins in turning all those long-standing dreams into reality.

Bespoke design freedom ensures every aspect of your plot can be utilised and benefitted from.  (And any ‘negatives’ taken into consideration)

As with any form of construction, you will at some point need to provide full plot details, topography and geotechnic surveys etc. In part to determine if there are any foundation requirements over and above that of the generally standard (200mm) reinforced concrete slab. etc., are necessary.

Prefabricated Building - Step 2 - Start to work with an architect


With those outline (and maybe some specific!) ideas, now is the time to appoint / start working with an architect.

(Unless you already have full plans prepared, and consent in place of course.) 

Your own locally appointed architect is welcomed and in some instances, both recommended and a regulation. (In some locations, ‘a nationally registered architect ‘ overseeing the entire project is a regulation.)

Local architects also have the benefit and knowledge of local terrain, building regulations and requirements, reputable contractors, and familiarity with local planning officers and planning applications, which can all frequently be advantageous. And not to mention if you are also local to your project, the benefit of face-to-face communication.

The design process is exciting and rewarding, but can in some circumstances, prove more time-consuming than expected.  (Frequently through client indecision!)  So please allow plenty.

Prefabricated Buildings - Step 3 -


Planning Consent is rarely a rapid process in any country.  Some, (or even just some local areas) taking more than a year!

So be prepared for delays after submission. (Your architect will already have advised you on expected time frames in your given location.)

Once approved however, you are ready to start on what will be an exciting, smooth and stress-free journey to your dream home.

To obtain an indicative Manufacturing and Supply guide price, please send us the completed architectural design and plans, (full specification pdf’s at the minimum) and any pre-known specifications.  In the first instance these plans can be to what is known as ‘Basic Project’ stage, and would be as required / sufficient for Planning Applications.

Once this guide quotation is approved ‘in principal’ by you to proceed, we will then produce a more precise indicative quotation. 

For this we will require full plans, (ideally AutoCAD’s / .dwg files) plus appropriate design and thermal parameters and specifications.

No final quotation can be produced however until we have been commissioned / instructed to proceed to produce a full statistical study, structural and engineering drawings.

These providing all information as regards the structure itself, indicating if any HGS (Heavy Gauge Steel) is required, etc etc.

Prefabricated Buildings - Step 4 - Manufacturing process begins


Once our guide BOQ has been accepted, contracts signed and deposits received, from your full and final full AutoCAD / .dwg files and all parameters and specifications, our engineers commence on undertaking a full statistical study and the production of the structural and engineering drawings required for the manufacture of your new steel-frame prefabricated modular home.

This will lead immediately into the commencement of the Manufacturing Process.

From receipt of the deposit, to completion and availability of first shipment for despatch is on average a period of 4 – 6 weeks.

The manufacturing period is on average 28 – 35 days.  This obviously dependent on the size of your project, the number of houses required etc.   For reference, for our Foamed-core format, we have panel manufacturing capacity for up to 15 houses per week.

Shipping period is on average: 21 – 35 days. (Dependant on your global location)   In addition, some islands for example can take longer.

We always seek the most efficient, and most economic options for all shipments.

Exceptional energy efficiency


During these combined manufacturing and shipment periods, if not already completed there is now ample time for the plot to be cleared and prepared.

Service connections can then be installed, and the slab foundations (and/or any sub-levels) completed.

(If sub-levels are involved, or there is rock etc to be cleared, more time should be allowed, and commencement should be at the earliest opportunity.)

All groundwork related tasks (- site clearance, excavations, sub-levels, foundations, service connections, infrastructure, landscaping, pools etc) are NOT part of our scope of work. They require to be locally arranged and undertaken by specialised locally appointed contractors, and should all be fully completed in preparation for the first delivery from our factory.

(From your plans and geotechnic survey report we will have pre-advised if any requirements over and above the ‘standard’ foundation slab are required.)

You will be updated of manufacturing progress, with advance notification of a manufacturing completion time.

We similarly require assurance / confirmation from yourselves that the slab will be readying completed in preparation for immediate construction commencement.

Prefabricated Building - Step 6 - Shipping & delivery


On receipt of your payment balance, safe packing into 40HQ containers for shipping of the primary construction elements will immediately commence. 

Ongoing shipments are staggered for convenience of the construction process and stage requirements.   –  Subject to project design and size. In some instances for example, first elements will be that of HGS skeletal framework.

(Pre-quoted shipping costs – ‘CIF’ – will be applied to appropriate payments)

CIF is normally quoted to your nearest seaport. (Subject to your location).  Local port to site transfer is generally locally arranged for your maximum economy.

Prefabricated Building - Step 7 - Construction


Maximum prefabrication techniques reduce both material waste and labour time on site.

The advanced stage of completion of factory-sealed panels also reduced the opportunity of exposure to the destructive and damaging effects of the elements for any period of time. 

With your foundation slab already completed prior to the delivery of the modular wall panels, everything is ready for assembly and construction to commence.

Simplicity is the key!

All manufactured elements are numbered to a corresponding plan. With our foamed-core format, the assembly process could be easily understood and followed, even by those with no professional building experience, and frequently requiring little in the way of large plant and machinery. (Subject to the design and height of the project.)

(Think ‘flat-pack’ furniture, but on a somewhat grander scale.)

Even for larger, higher, and more complex projects, and where our larger panelled format is being used, (and where any additional structural HGS may be involved) plans are still easily readable and understood by any professional builder, with the assembly process following a similar straight-forward format.

Subject to the size and design complexity of your project, and to the format being used, it would not be uncommon for the assembly and construction element of your new home to be completed within as little as one week.


Although every project is understandably different in both size and complexity, with the structure fully completed and secure, the internal installation of electric connections, kitchens, bathrooms, ceramics and flooring etc, can commence, by the locally appointed contractors.

This followed by the finer details, final finishing and internal and external (if appropriate) decoration.  It is impossible to estimate or generalise for such finer detailed elements on totally unknown sizes, but not uncommonly from 45 – 90 days to completion.

(This is NOT a quotation, and is totally subject to the project size, specification, design etc.) 

Prefabricated Buildings - Step 9 - Final Inspection


Throughout the entire manufacturing and construction process, meticulous care and attention will have been taken to all details, and as a result, your home is now essentially completed.

But it is at this point, that a second and thorough inspection is carried out by the project manager.

This being both internally and externally, making certain that no small detail has been overlooked, and any ‘snagging’ is attended to.  This applying to not just our own structure, but to any other non-related elements.

Prefabricated Buildings - Step 9 - Keys to your dream house


The final task?

To simply enjoy!

*** Subject to project size, complexity, local work ethics, cultures, work periods etc.  This period can be far less for some more straight-forward projects. 

Once all structural and engineering drawings are completed, we will be pleased to provide our own time-frame / schedule time-assessment guide.

Technium Space’s manufacturing partner produces exceptional and individual, high quality, high specification houses, villas and buildings. 

Rest assured, when you take possession, you will find the finish and quality of your dream home will be no different, and will remain that way for many years.


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