Technium Space provides a unique, stress-free home-building experience, comprising exclusive bespoke (made-to-order) energy efficient, high quality dream homes and buildings.

Although we can provide some simple designs for you, our 2D ‘RAMS‘ steel-frame prefabricated modular homes and buildings are not limited to any pre-designs or pre-sized modules.   There are NO design or size restrictions.   Nor are they limited to unimaginative design, styles and ‘basic boxes’.   Every project is not just individual and unique . . . it is totally bespoke – individually manufactured, with no elements or components from any other.

The only common factor being our consistently high quality.

Steel and glass are now the modern structural materials of choice, and our high specification steel-frames allow for prefabricated houses with wide, uninterrupted, open and free-flowing living spaces and natural light-filled interiors. Producing the ever-in-demand clean lines of modern and contemporary design homes.

Maybe your preference is for a more traditional style, incorporating elegant and classical interiors and exteriors.  Or a combination of both . . .

This is your dream. It will be your choice . . . your decision.

With Technium Space’s dedicated teams of professionals ensuring your vision and dream is fulfilled in a smooth, rapid and importantly, stress-free process.


Prefab Homes, Modular Homes and Prefabricated Building Projects:   Delivered on time, and on budget.


Of paramount importance to us is service and quality.

Consultancy & Advice

Not just the quality of our service and product, but the various ways in which we can assist you.

From the outset, starting with our always-available personal advice and guidance.

We believe providing good, rapid and personal communications is a vital element of our service.

Start by contacting us by email or telephone today, and we will be pleased to guide and advise you accordingly.

Maybe even by discussing some initial plan concepts with you, before the stage of architects is required.

Such on-going and greater involvement by ourselves is always available, but please appreciate that this may incur a Concept / Consultancy Fee.  

(Refundable with any confirmed order.)  

You will of course be advised in advance, accordingly.



We are frequently asked can we undertake the design?

Architects - Planning 2
Architects - Planning 3

Much as we can possibly assist with some initial concepts and provide some ‘personal guidance’, (again, though our Consultancy Service) we do not operate an in-house architectural design team. 

Our technical engineers are just that.  

Technical, as opposed to specifically creative.    But still working in close liaison with any locally appointed architect, as and when necessary. 

We ourselves are always pleased to comment on and advice on any initial concepts provided by you / your architect, making any suggestions as we feel appropriate or worthwhile for your consideration.


Using your own locally selected / appointed architect apart from in many global locations it being a ‘regulation’**, it can also offer you many advantages.

In addition to the obvious advantage of ease and speed of direct communication with yourself when working with local architects, they always have very useful local knowledge, including with planning offices, knowledge of any specific local regulations, plus numerous contacts and invaluable locally applicable advice.


It should be also noted that commissioning an architect can rarely be totally avoided.  

Even with ‘pre-designed’ homes, plans down-loaded from the internet, from a brochure or whatever.  The same house, but in two locations would have very different specifications. Meaning some changes (although often ‘hidden’) are invariably required. 

And of course, and without fail, no two people in the world ever want exactly the same.    

And changes however small, require architects!


Although we are always pleased to work, advise and liaise with all architects as necessary / requested, for their part, no advanced knowledge of our system and methods is required.  –  Your own appointed architect can proceed to design your new home, as they would for any ‘traditionally constructed’ project.    I.e. Producing final plans as ‘AutoCADs’ / .dwg files.    We work from these, changing nothing in the visual design.  


** Most global locations now require any construction project to be led and signed by an architect registered with the College of Architecture of that country.  (This also applying to those ‘pre-designed’ or ‘down-loaded’ plans.)



So you have some ideas and plans already?

Free Appraisal

Whatever stage you are at, be it outline floor plans and elevations, professional plans, ‘Basic Project’ stage, or best of all as they will be needed eventually, AutoCAD’s /.dwg files from your architect, please send them to us for an initial appraisal.


Although hand-prepared sketches are useful for our initial reference and awareness, and definitely need to be to scale for any real understanding, they would still be insufficient for us to provide anything in the way of a detailed response / appraisal. 

So much as we will try to give you some sort of ‘professional opinion’, we cannot provide any sort of guide quotation from these.


After our early assessment, we will always tell you if you have sufficient for us to work from to achieve an outline guide for you.  Or if not, we can try to help and advise the easiest way to achieve that information.  Be it from your local architect, or maybe even through our own Concept / Consultancy design service.


The greater the information you can provide for us from the outset, both in terms of plans and your requirements, the easier it will be for us to guide and advise you.

Knowledge of your target budget, what that is to include, the projects end-use (e.g. residential, vacation rental, first-time buyer etc) and the required specification levels is essential. 

Not to then ‘inflate’ prices, but quite simply to enable us to help you in the most appropriate and precise manner from the outset.     


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